OSCP survival guide

A survival guide to the OSCP.

Malware With Python Part 0: Setup and TCP Reverse Shell

We set up our environment, and jump into making a simple reverse shell with Python.

Reverse Engineering Basics Part 3: A crash course in x86 Assembly

We start to quickly run through the basics of Intel-stylized x86 assembly.

Reverse Engineering Basics Part 2: Visualising basic functions and 'Hello world'

Converting simple programs to x86 assembly with MSVC and GCC.

Reverse Engineering Basics Part 1: Introduction to number systems and definitions

A quick overview of common definitions needed for the rest of the series, and an introduction to number storage at lower levels.

Reverse Engineering Basics Part 0: Preface and FAQ

Preface and small FAQ for the 'Reverse Engineering Basics' series.


An edited and updated list of Open Source projects developed.